Water Management for Shale Plays Argentina/Frac Supply Chain Summit Argentina

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Date(s) - 16 Apr 2013 until 18 Apr 2013

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt


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There’s an energy boom in Argentina, as major oil and gas discoveries have the potential to make Argentina the world’s third largest provider of shale gas.
But there’s also a potential threat to development of the oil and gas reserves – and that’s a lack of the supplies and water needed for hydraulic fracturing. Experts say it could take 38 billion gallons of water to get at the enormous oil and gas reserves – an amount of water equal to the total amount of water supplied daily by public systems to the whole country. Proppant takes 45 days to arrive on site, travelling hundreds of miles from Brazil on two sets of trains and a 60- to 70-mile journey by truck on unpaved roads.
To address this need, Infocast is pleased to present two cutting edge events: Water Management for Shale Plays Argentina and Frac Supply Chain Summit: Argentina in Buenos Aires, April 16-18, 2013. These events are your best opportunity to receive a cross-section of perspectives on market needs, new technologies, and new solutions for effective shale water management.
Don’t miss the opportunity to profit from the accumulated knowledge of our roster of leading industry experts! We look forward to meeting you at the conference in Buenos Aires in April.